The Canadian Council of Forest Ministers regularly publishes reports and studies to inform and contribute to the knowledge base of Canada’s Forests. Choose one of the publication types below to access recently released publications or use the search to find information by keyword or topic.


Recent Releases


Renewed Forest Bioeconomy Framework

Ministers endorsed a Renewed Forest Bioeconomy Framework. The Renewed Framework builds on the 2017 Forest Bioeconomy Framework for Canada by focusing directly on addressing the continuing challenges the forest sector faces to realize the potential of the forest bioeconomy in Canada. A corresponding set of responsive actions for jurisdictions to implement as appropriate was developed to accelerate the development of the bioeconomy in Canada, in line with sustainable forest management frameworks in the provinces and territories. These actions include creating biomass availability maps and supporting development of certification tools; developing standards for bioproducts and environmental performance; and coordinating support for demonstration projects. In doing so, this framework will help ensure Canada’s bioeconomy thrives as a high value sector and a central contributor to climate, environmental, economic and social goals.


The Canadian Council of Forest Ministers’ framework of Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management in Canada

Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM) created a framework of Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management in Canada, composed of 6 criteria and 46 indicators. The framework was developed through extensive input from stakeholders in the forest community. This report provides information that will improve public dialogue and decision making on the outcomes desired and the actions needed to continue to move the nation toward sustainable forest management.


Compendium of Forest Education Resources for Youth and Educators

This compendium includes a list of educational resources for youth and educators on various forestry topics such as biodiversity of forests and trees, sustainable forest management, and forest based industries and products.

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