Established in 1985, the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM or Council) provides an important forum for federal, provincial and territorial governments to come together to discuss and exchange information, provide leadership and promote action on common forest and forestry-related issues of Canadian public and international concern.

The CCFM membership is composed of fourteen federal, provincial, and territorial ministers. The secretariat for the Council is provided by Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Forest Service. Each year, the role of Chairing the Council rotates across jurisdictions according to a pre-determined schedule. The 2023-24 CCFM Chair is represented by British Columbia.


The CCFM helps advance sustainable forest management nationally and internationally. Together, we share information on issues impacting on the forest sector, maintain scientific information to support forest management decision-making, and provide a framework within which agreements can be signed and implemented on specific areas of interest.


Below is an interactive map with Forest Ministry contacts.



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