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Canadian Council of Forest MinistersThere has been a long tradition of cooperation between the federal and provincial/territorial governments in forestry matters.

The establishment of the CCFM in 1985 provided an important forum for the respective governments to exchange information, work cooperatively, provide leadership and generate actions on forestry related matters of interests to all Canadians above and beyond the work done by individuals governments.

The primary role of the CCFM is to provide:

  • A forum of discussion and exchange of views on forestry-related issues of common interest or with an intergovernmental or international standpoint.
  • A vehicle to work cooperatively on common forest and forestry-related issues of Canadian and international concern.

Objectives of the CCFM

  • Promote cooperation between governments regarding emerging forest and forestry-related issues of common interest and of intergovernmental or international significance.
  • Cooperate in developing and maintaining the scientific information base required to support forest management decision making.
  • Demonstrate international leadership on sustainable forest management.
  • Promote forest management in Canada.
  • Cooperate with other ministerial councils and other instances, as appropriate, to address common issues.
  • Share information on issues impacting on the forest sector.
  • Provide a framework within which agreements can be signed and implemented on specific areas.

Governance of the CCFM

The CCFM is composed of fourteen federal, provincial and territorial ministers (elected officials). The secretariat for the Council is provided by Natural Resources Canada's Canadian Forest Service. Each year, the role of Chairing this Council rotates across jurisdictions according to a pre-determined schedule. The 2019-20 CCFM Chair is the Northwest Territories:

The Honourable Robert C. McLeod
Minister of Environment and Natural Resources
Government of the Northwest Territories
P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9
Tel: (867) 767-9141 ext. 11128