The Canadian Council of Forest Ministers regularly publishes reports and studies to inform and contribute to the knowledge base of Canada's Forests. Choose one of the publication types below to access recently released publications or use the search to find information by keyword or topic.



Compendium of Forest Education Resources for Youth and Educators

This compendium includes a list of educational resources for youth and educators on various forestry topics such as biodiversity of forests and trees, sustainable forest management, and forest based industries and products.


Our Roots, Our Future

Our Roots, Our Future highlights the role Canada’s abundant and healthy forests can play in our global future—from being a natural solution to climate change, to supporting our transition to a low-carbon society.


A Shared Vision for Forests in Canada: Toward 2030

Sustainable forest management is a way of caring for forests to maintain their benefits over time. In Canada, sustainable forest management decisions and activities are based on scientific research, rigorous planning processes and public consultation.

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