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As global forest product markets evolve, innovation is essential for the competitiveness of the Canadian forest sector and the communities it sustains. It is also a critical component of the sector's continued environmental excellence. In 2013, the CCFM Innovation Committee was created to advance innovation-related topics relevant across jurisdictions in support of the ongoing competitiveness of the Canadian forest sector. This includes information sharing and priority setting, with recommendations on areas for action being presented to CCFM Deputy Ministers. The CCFM Innovation Committee is co-chaired by British Columbia and Natural Resources Canada.

Bioeconomy Framework survey

The CCFM wants to hear your views on the future of Canada’s forest bioeconomy. As outlined in the Innovation Action Plan (2016-2020), the CCFM is hosting engagement sessions on pathways to support forest sector innovation in order to develop a Forest Bioeconomy Framework for Canada.

The presentation outlines the key elements of the proposed Framework, including the vision, guiding principle, pillars and proposed policy action areas. For more details, please download our discussion paper.

Respond to our survey and provide your thoughts on these key elements and how to shape the future of Canada’s forest bioeconomy.

Recent documents

Questions pertaining to the work of the CCFM Innovation Committee may be addressed to Matthew Bock (matthew.bock@canada.ca).