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Healthy Forests

Biodiversity conservation

Protected areas Well-managed protected and conserved areas help preserve species and their habitats for present and future generations by reducing direct human development stresses. Conserved areas play a vital role in protecting Canada’s natural environment, and they provide opportunities for people to connect with nature. The establishment of protected areas goes hand in hand with […]

Canadians and Communities

Forests: An integral part of our communities

How forests benefit Canadians A key contributor to the economy While the Canadian forest sector represents a smaller percentage of Canada’s economy than other resource sectors, it contributes more to the balance of trade for every dollar of value added and accounts for about seven per cent of Canada’s total exports in 2018. Furthermore, the […]

Canadians and Communities

Public involvement and participation

Involving Canadians in management and conservation efforts Public and community involvement continues to play an important role in forest use and management and is key to their well-being. Over the past 30 years, changing societal expectations and values for forest resources have led to greater public involvement, legislation and policies at both the provincial and […]

Canadians and Communities

Indigenous Peoples and forests

Indigenous engagement As the First Peoples living in and managing our vast and abundant land for millennia, forests are fundamental to the livelihood of Indigenous Peoples. The sustainable use of forests within their traditional territories is critically important for subsistence, economic, and ceremonial practices. Given that most Indigenous communities are located in or near forested […]


Canadians and Communities

Our forests. Our resources. Our Future. One-third of our country is covered with trees, and forests are in every province and territory. Forests and forest resources are integral to Canadian life and participation in decisions relating to forest use and management is key to their well-being. Through ongoing discussion and dialogue, governments, scientists, Indigenous Peoples, environmentalists, […]


Climate Conscious

Nature-based solutions to climate change As Canada’s forest sector continues to evolve it is subject to the effects of many global forces. A changing climate is one factor that will provide opportunities for, and present major threats to, Canada’s forests, their economic and environmental benefits, and the livelihoods of those who depend on them. In […]

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