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Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre


Canadian Council of Forest Ministers

The purpose of the Canadian Interagency
Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC) is:

Some aspects of FC that are of interest to the CCFM include:

  • to provide operational fire control services to member agencies;
  • to gather, analyze, and disseminate fire management information;
  • to ensure cost effective sharing of resources as well as a place, a forum; and
  • to create an environment where forest protection agencies can resolve mutual problems and improve fire management policies and practices.

The CIFFC is currently working on developing national standards for fire equipment and considering the development of a National Fire Strategy patterned after the National Forest Strategy. The CIFFC operates under the auspices of a Board of Corporate Trustees (CCFM Deputy Ministers) and a Board of Directors (the provincial and territorial Directors of fire control, the Canadian Forest Service Science Advisor fire, and the CIFFC Director).


Kim G.Connors, Director, CIFFC

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